Go vintage with uncoated flyers!

Uncoated Flyer

Paper stock is an important decision when designing for print. Due to its tactile nature, paper choice can completely change how the work is printed and therefore viewed. While coated paper offers a professional, smooth finish, uncoated paper has an unrivalled elegance.

What is uncoated paper?

Where coated paper, such as Gloss and Silk, offers a smooth print quality which displays colour vibrantly, uncoated paper adds a rustic feel with more visible grains through the paper.

Uncoated paper is porous, which gives a textured finish, and during printing, absorbs more ink than coated paper, which gives the finished look a warmer quality. When litho printed, these flyers offer unique customisation and flexibility as you can overprint with a laser printer or hand-write over the printing.

When to choose uncoated flyers

With rich colours and a rustic finish, there are a variety of companies and projects that can benefit from uncoated paper stocks.

Wedding invitations

A thick, uncoated paper is the ideal choice for a wedding invite as the name of the guest can be hand-written while the textured finish offers a more luxurious feel.
Uncoated flyer vintage retailer

Vintage retailers

Uncoated paper stocks are tactile, and therefore convey messages of trust and being environmentally friendly, ideal for adding authenticity to vintage retailers.
Uncoated flyer vintage retailer

Artisan food brands

Reinforce the natural and handmade elements of an artisan food maker with the raw feel and rich colours produced by uncoated paper stocks.
Uncoated flyer artisan foods

Restaurant menus

High end restaurants can give added elegance to their menus by choosing an uncoated paper stock, which feel bulkier than their coated counterparts.
Uncoated flyer restaurant menu

New Flyer Printing options

We have recently added 100gsm and 120gsm uncoated paper stocks to our flyers range, as well as lowering our minimum order quantities and increasing our range of paper sizes. These new options are available directly from our website for a quick price comparison and purchase, no custom quote required.

Uncoated Flyers from Exaprint

Our partners, Exaprint, offer a wider range of creative materials which perfectly complement our range. Try their 250gsm Rives Design stock for texture, or their 400gsm White Bristol for a heavier paper stock.

New Exaprint customers receive £35 off their first order!

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