Promotional Posters: ideas and top tips

Coffee Shop Poster

Posters are a great addition to local promotional campaigns as they can make a big impression and stick in the viewer’s mind.

Help your clients raise awareness of sale prices or new items by displaying indoor posters throughout their place of business. Or help your clients attract new customers or boost attendance at their next event with outdoor posters.

Follow these simple tips to ensure you and your clients get the most from your next poster campaign.

Get the most from poster campaigns

Prominent Poster

1. Put posters in a prominent, high foot traffic area to maximise impressions.

Maximum Impact

2. Get maximum impact by making the poster eye-catching, and on-brand – attention is short, so make sure people see the message and remember it!


3. Keep your message and design consistent across all marketing materials, such as posters, postcards, and flyers.


4. Use a different size to fit each space, such as A4 for point of sale locations, A2 for décor, and A1 for window displays.


Our range of posters can help amplify any marketing message. With a choice of sizes from A4 to A1 and quantities starting at 25, with a silk or gloss finish, posters can find a space in any budget.

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