Tradeprint Take Aim At Problematic Plastics

Tradeprint Take Aim At Problematic Plastics

The printing industry is used to taking sustainability seriously with hefty commitments to ongoing projects such as sustainable forestry, using FSC© certified paper stocks, and recycled materials but problematic plastics in the guise of PVC banners are still a tricky proposition. Tradeprint has taken aim at reducing the level of PVC coming from its factory into the environment by offering a PVC- Free solution.
The use of this PVC- Free substrate for banners means that banners printed with this new material will reduce the amount of PVC leaving the Tradeprint plant.
The properties of this material give it the same overall print quality as PVC but without the challenge of sending plastic to the landfill.

• New PVC Free 400gsm is a heavyweight woven alternative to PVC and is 100% recyclable.
• It has a durability of up to five years.
• It is resistant to UV, ageing and water.
• It uses a unique four-layer construction and has proven to be a tough option for indoor and outdoor printed graphics.
• It has excellent tear and tensile strengths which are comparable to higher weight PVC options.
• It can last 3 to 5 years as an outdoor banner.

“We are really excited about introducing a range of PVC Free products alongside our existing product range and we hope in time customer demand will increase – we think the products are excellent and really underline the fact that you don’t need to compromise on quality when you make the right sustainable choice”
Anthony Rowell, Sales & Customer Success Director. Sustainability Lead & Responsible for 3rd Party Fulfilment
See the product listed here:

See the product listed here:

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