Buyers Guide to Stickers and Labels.


Don’t find yourself in a sticky situation.

Stickers and labels rank at the top of our list when it comes to materials that are versatile, durable, and fun to use. Stickers offer endless possibilities and can serve as cost-effective, creative marketing tools while also functioning as practical items to hold things together. For certain businesses, labels are essential. They can be used to simply print the company’s logos, printed with vital product information such as ingredients, or simply used as branding tools to strengthen their presence in the market.

Stickers and labels offer a plethora of options to choose from, which can sometimes make it challenging to select the most suitable one for your needs. Our goal is to ensure that we match you with the right product for your requirements. So, let’s give you a helping hand.

There are three primary ways you can receive your stickers: on a sheet, on a roll, or individually cut out. Different use cases require different forms of application, and we’ll guide you to the best choice for your specific purpose.

Stickers on a sheet – These are regular A-sized sticker sheets featuring pre-cut grids of shapes on each page. These sheets are inserted into the printer, allowing your design to be applied to each individual shape on the page. These come in a variety of different shapes and sizes of stickers and are the most cost-effective form of stickers.

Labels on a roll – Labels on a roll refer to self-adhesive labels that are wound around a central core and presented in a roll format. They are commonly used in various industries and applications due to their convenience and efficiency. The rolls can be customised with different sticker orientations so you can choose the right version for your machinery.LABEL ON A ROLL

Individually cut-out stickers – Also known as die-cut stickers or kiss-cut stickers, are stickers that are precisely cut around the edges of the design or shape. Unlike stickers on a roll, which are presented in a continuous roll format, individually cut-out stickers are delivered as separate pieces.


How to choose the right material?

Selecting the right material and finish for your design is important, depending on its intended use. We offer various materials, each yielding distinct finishes and tailored to address common use cases. There are two main materials you can choose from are paper and polypropylene.

Paper – These stickers have a paper front that is printed on with a sticky backing. As the paper material is the side that has the ink on it, choosing the right material can add to the experience. Standard options such as gloss, satin or uncoated give a simple finish that makes the design stand out. While premium paper such as black pulp dryed paper or hay paper gives a more luxurious finish more suited for premium products.

Polypropylene – Polypropylene (PP) is a versatile thermoplastic polymer from the polyolefin family, making it an excellent choice for stickers and labels. Its robust and long-lasting properties ensure these adhesive labels can withstand various conditions and applications.

When it comes to polypropylene stickers, there are two main options to consider: solid white and transparent versions. The solid white polypropylene offers a vibrant look and finish to the colours in your design, making it ideal for projects that require durable, hard-wearing and water-resistant stickers.


Transparent polypropylene is a clear, see-through plastic that can be printed on one side and has adhesive on the other. This type of sticker is specifically designed for applications where visibility is essential, such as drinks packaging, windows, doors, or any product where showcasing the contents is crucial.

One crucial thing to consider if you opt for transparent is, you can’t print white on this material. Whatever you print on this material, it will always have a slight see-through finish. If you want opaque areas in your design, you will need to apply a white underpin to your order.


What is white underpin you ask?


The “white underpin” process involves applying a layer of white ink directly to the transparent material before printing the ink on top. This white layer serves as a base and acts as a barrier to light, allowing the colours to print vividly on top of it and giving the elements a solid and opaque finish. By using this technique, the printed colours appear more vibrant and stand out prominently on the transparent material and can give a visually unique finish.

For more information on white underpin, you can check out our Help Centre article – White is White Underpin?


Let’s get into shape.


The shape and size of your sticker or label offer a multitude of options to consider. The most commonly seen shapes for stickers are circles, squares, and rectangles, which are perfect for simple designs and come in various standard sizes to choose from. These are perfect if you run a small business and want to jazz up your packaging, use as return labels, or simply use them as pricing stickers.

For those seeking a more distinctive look, custom-shaped stickers might be the ideal choice. With the help of a cutting guide, we can precisely cut your sticker into a unique shape that perfectly suits your specific needs. This customisation option is available for our custom stickers on a sheet, labels on a roll, Die-cut, and Kiss-cut stickers.

To create your custom-shaped sticker, all we require is a KissCutting layer included in your artwork file, which will serve as a guide for the cutting process. All we need extra from you is a KissCutting layer on your artwork file for us to use as a guide, and you will have your custom-shaped sticker in no time. If you need a little help getting your KissCutting layer set up, check out our Help Centre article for more information – How to set up artwork files for custom cutting to shape


Feel it in your hands.

We want to make sure that you are choosing the right sticker or label for your project. And with so many options available and finishes to choose from, sometimes seeing the product in hand can help you make your decision.

That is why we have put together a Sticker & Label sample pack that you can order to see in real life. Within the pack you will receive a handy guide to give more detail on each version with more detailed technical specifications that you may need to consider for your project.

Simply pop over to Tradeprint – Sticker & Label Sample Pack and order yours today.

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