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Tradeprint Pro – How To Make Your Printing Count

Adding value is important to us and to that end, we have developed our very own membership programme.
We know that print professionals juggle many print jobs at a time and that design studios generate artwork at a rate of knots. To give back to those customers who send us a lot of print work we have a credit-based system for high volume work.

The premise is simple, spend over £250 per month, every month and you will earn credits to use against jobs placed on the website the following month. The more your monthly spend, the more you will accrue for the following month. Additionally, you can unlock “express upgrade” vouchers so you can get certain jobs quicker.

On top of offering credits to use against future jobs, our Tradeprint Pro members can make use of our Pro Tools section of the website which includes downloadable marketing toolkits and an image library.

We have a team who can support your print efforts and offer business reviews and print spend audits to help your bottom line. The team can support product launches and have a white label catalogue that can be customised and used as your own; this is particularly helpful to print resellers who want to offer varied print options to their own customers.
We think the following sectors could truly benefit from the programme:

• Print resellers
• Print managers
• Marketing agencies
• Graphic design studios
• Printing companies
• Exhibition designers
• Print professionals

To apply, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch to set up your membership account:

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