How to Decide Between Flyers or Leaflets

What’s the difference between flyers and leaflets?

Flyers and leaflets, these two single sheet products might seem almost identical, but learning the distinctions and strengths of each could help you get the most out of these effective marketing tools.

The general difference is that leaflets contain a fold whereas flyers remain unfolded, the nature of the fold can vary allowing for specific uses. We’ll go through some of the advantages of each to help you decide which is best suited for you.



Sometimes simplicity can be the most effective, flyers are a fast and punchy way to get your message across. Easily readable at a glance these are suited for short and simple messaging to instantly communicate with your customers. They excel when you need to get your business or event quickly into your customers mind, such as for time sensitive sales or promotions.


  • Affordable – These can be one of the most cost-effective methods of printed marketing, with their temporary nature allowing the use of more affordable materials. For any concerns on sustainability, we also offer both recycled flyers and kraft flyers which are recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Simple designs – Flyers can be the poster boy for the idea that “less is more”. These are most effective when customers can quickly and easily see your messaging, meaning less time spent on detailing superfluous information.
  • Distribution – These can be some of the easiest ways of directly spreading a campaign. They can be handed out, mailed, posted on walls, or even just sitting in your premises.

Some recommended uses:

Sales or promotions – When you need to let your customers know quickly and easily that your limited time sale is now on. Catch their attention with a big saving front and centre to remind them they need to act now.

Events – Ranging from grand openings to music festivals let flyers spread the word of any upcoming events.

Business updates – Whether you’ve got a new item in stock, or just want to let your customers know you’ll be closed for the holidays. Keep them informed or any changes to your business.

General advertising – due to the low price point and distribution costs these are excellent for simply advertising your business. Flyers are a great way to keep your name fresh in consumers minds.





Sometimes your messaging needs a little more explanation than what is displayed on a flyer, this is where leaflets come in handy. The different folds allow your information to be broken up allowing the reader to digest more of what you want to say. Examples of these folds include the z-fold, which gives your double-sided sheet a sleek vertical look which can fold out to reveal additional information. This fold is ideal for informational booklets found in museums or tourist guides. You can find a helpful guide on several other ways flyers are folded on our blog post about them.



  • More information – Sometimes you need to elaborate in your messaging, this is helpful for customers while also having more of their attention on your leaflet.
  • Longer lifespan – While flyers are often seen as disposable after being read, leaflets can be used repeatedly. With maps or menus being convenient to always have on hand. This means your leaflets can go further and keep more staying power with your customers.
  • Versatility – For many specific roles leaflets are often the best option. Containing more information allows a greater combination of specialised uses.


Some recommended uses:

Museums and galleries – Perfect for when conveying information is paramount to your business or event. Expand on exhibits and identify artists with helpful handheld leaflets. The folds also allow you to attach a map for the benefit of your customers.

Menus – The folded sections segmenting your leaflet are ideal for menus, where many different options can be clearly defined. Print your starters on your first page for the intuitive navigation making it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for.

Product pricelists – For businesses selling many items these can also be used to categorise the price and specs of products for the customer.

Showcase your business or organisation – Leaflets can be used to introduce new customers to the details of your business, great for leaving in receptions or waiting rooms.


These are only some of the capabilities of leaflets and flyers. With the opportunity of Tradeprint’s customisation they can be so much more. You can upgrade your affordable flyers using pearlescent paper for a more sophisticated look and feel. Worried about the lifespan of your leaflets or flyers? You can add a laminated finish to give them extra resilience for longer lasting use. You can create leaflets and flyers for almost any opportunity and sticking to their strengths means you’ll be making the most of your marketing.


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