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We are bombarded with information on a daily basis. With blogs, videos, infographics, podcasts, and social media posts; it seems every time we scroll on our smartphones, new content appears. With so much information vying for our attention, it’s more important than ever to cut through the noise.

The use of Direct Mail Marketing has bucked this trend, however, and decreased over time. The cost of designing, printing and posting, as well as managing a mailing list, seems to have deterred some businesses who are instead contributing to the crowded online space. Within this less competitive area lies a new opportunity. You have the chance to be found, consumed and engaged with in a less aggressive landscape. Plus, with an average ROI of 7:1, direct mail may be just what your client’s marketing plan is missing.

Now that you have convinced your client to try Direct Mail, make sure you give them the best chance to succeed with an interesting design and format. To help spark your imagination, we’ve designed three Direct Mail campaigns using print in an unconventional way, and we’ve provided direct mail templates to get you started with your design.

1. Greeting Card Invites

Greeting Card Invite

A Greeting Card is typically used to wish someone a Happy Birthday or a Merry Christmas. Take advantage of the instinct to keep and display these cards by using this format for a Direct Mail campaign, which may be displayed on the receiver’s desk or a notice board.

Recommend a Greeting Card for your client’s next event invitation. Provide them with a great design on the cover and their marketing might stay on the receiver’s desk until the day of the event. This will provide them a reminder of the event with easy access to the details they need, such as contact details, date and time, and the venue address.

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Artwork Templates

2. Change of Address Flyers

Address Flyer

A Flyer is the most obvious product for a direct mail, and for good reason. They are completely customisable to suit any message, with a range of paper sizes, stocks and finishes available, as well as single or double-sided printing. Plus they are small and lightweight, so ideal for posting, and inexpensive to print too.

Stand out by choosing a flyer to portray information normally reserved for a letter. Rather than a branded letterhead to inform customers of a change of address, recommend your client send a bright, well-designed flyer. A branded flyer is more likely to be kept on a display board, providing a reminder of your client’s business to their clients.

Plus, recommend your client send their flyer in a printed envelope to show their branding to their customers before they’ve even opened the letter. Continue the flyer design on the envelope to peak their interest and encourage a higher open rate, especially when including important information such an address change.

3. Folded Leaflet Product Catalogues

Folded Leaflet

With a vast range of fold options available, there is a folded leaflet suitable for every message. Perfect for conveying lots of information, simply choose a large sheet then fold it down to a small size which is more convenient for posting.

Rather than a traditional booklet or brochure, choose a folded leaflet for your next product catalogue Direct Mail. Not only are folded leaflets less expensive to print, they’re also cheaper to send, while still providing product information, prices and contact details in an easy to read format.

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Artwork Templates

We’ve created these three unique ideas to help you maximise on the opportunities presented by Direct Mail. Now that your creative juices are flowing, download our artwork templates above to help you start your design, or click below to browse our bestselling Direct Mail products.

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