What is 48 Sheet Billboard Printing?

48 Sheet printing

Large Format Billboard Printing

When browsing large format or billboard printing you’re likely to have come across the term “sheet”. This may sound like a complicated measurement system but with 48 sheet it’s actually very simple. Essentially this is your standard billboard measurements, when you think of roadside billboards this will be the size that’s ordered. Specifically, it comes in at 6096 x 3048mm.

You can view our selection of all sizes on our billboard poster page.

What is a “sheet”?

When working with large format the printing is often split into separate sheets, however, you won’t need to worry about calculating the dimensions each time as they come in several standard sizes. With some of the most common of these being 4, 6, 48, and 96 sheets. This also means you won’t have to worry about splitting your artwork for print, simply follow the instructions for each size on our technical specifications section.

With our 48 sheet option we offer printing on Blueback poster paper. As you’d imagine this paper comes with blue on the rear side, which has several benefits when being used in billboard printing. One of the main features is that it helps with the overall adhesive, while the blue colouring also helps obscure previous posters to prevent them from being visible when a new sheet is layered over them. This paper is ideal for outdoor billboard use as it’s a cost-effective option that’s well suited to the timeframe and environment of outdoor billboard posters. The paper provides a clear and defined print with a resistance to water.

Why choose 48 sheet?

As a form of OOH (Out Of Home) advertising a 48-sheet billboard is one of the most popular, and effective options. These are accommodated at almost all standard billboard locations and are a time-tested method of spreading your message. You’ll often see these located in city centres and along busy roadsides where they can have the greatest reach.

Physical advertising, especially in high-footfall areas, can be an incredibly effective medium for your marketing. These give an excellent opportunity to get your branding or advertisement to a huge number of people. The scale and often momentary nature means that it is incredibly important your design is easily legible so that it can stick with your audience after often only a few seconds of viewing. These are heavy hitting marketing tools for large-scale campaigns and can be utilised with other forms of large-format printing for maximum exposure,


That’s the basics of 48 sheet billboard printing, however, like many of our products at Tradeprint these are versatile enough to be customised for whatever your use. If you’re looking for a smaller signage solution we have many other options available, such as our smaller custom poster selection or for sturdier signage our Foamex printing.

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